Twin Atlantic ‘Brothers & Sisters’ – The Song of the Week for 9/8/2014

Released in July 2014, “Brothers & Sisters” is the 3rd single off of Great Divide, the 3rd studio album by Twin Atlantic

Definitely digging this new album from Glasgow, Scotlanders Twin Atlantic. I am listening to it and trying to figure out if it is better than their fantastic 2011 album Free but I really can’t make a decision either way. The new album is killer and 3rd single “Brothers & Sisters” is definitely one of the standout songs and shows musical progression from the band. This single comes off the heals of a successful first single “Heart and Soul”, the video of which can be seen below. There you have it, two great songs from Twin Atlantic, now go listen to the rest of the album and also dive into their first two albums. Great alternative rock band with a genuine identity.

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“I’m talking to my brothers and sisters, I miss the conversations between us,
There’s nothing wrong with being a dreamer,
So where are you now?

Please don’t drift off, and leave me here in a sea of weird,
Don’t be fake mate, cause you’ll lose that love,
You’ll forget the point and the power of words”


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