In Flames ‘Through Oblivion’ – The Song of the Week for 9/15/2014

Released August 15, 2014 via Sony Music, “Through Oblivion” is the 2nd single off of Siren Charms, the 11th studio album by In Flames.

If you are a common reader of the site you know that In Flames happens to be one of my Endorsed Bands. If you are a casual viewer or brand new to the site, welcome! This is In Flames’ brand new single from their brand new Siren Charms album and it scores them (their first) Song of the Week this week here on the site. I usually pick songs with genre-crossover appeal so I rarely go with any metal songs – even though I love the genre – but this new song from In Flames is just so good I had to feature it. And I guess it is kind of ironic that this band would have a Song of the Week here on this site because they used to be so hard/extreme metal that their music wouldn’t really make sense as a Song of the Week selection. So to have a little fun with this, I am embedding some of their older songs for you to compare. Scroll down to see “Rusted Nail” which was the 1st single off of Siren Charms. Keep scrolling to see what In Flames was sounding like 8 years ago with (my personal favorite IF song) “Take This Life” and then below that is “Pinball Map” from 2000’s Clayman album which is arguably one of their best and considered the album where they started to depart from the genre they helped create and establish: melodic death metal. And then keep in mind the band even had 4 albums before Clayman and each one was harsher than the last. The band’s 2nd album Jester Race is regarded as one of the best metal albums of all time. If you don’t like harsh and barky vocals, you wont like the album. If you prefer clean vocals start with Clayman or go right into 2002’s Reroute To Remain and beyond.

Just how different is the In Flames of today compared to their early material? That is something I am trying to get you to discover! If you are already an In Flames fan you probably know and have voiced your opinion already on the web somewhere. It is true that the band has lost a huge section of their early fan base as they have progressed more towards an alternative metal sound. Their change in sound is an issue that has been beat to death. So much so I barely even want to touch the issue or give my opinion on it. I will simply say that “to each their own”. I happen to love every single In Flames album that has been released, very much including Siren Charms which, so far, seems to have polarizing reviews but again, to each their own. Siren Charms is solid and I am very intrigued with the band’s sound right now and where they are going. I am anticipating their next release is really going to kick ass. I just have a feeling. This might not be until 2017 though…

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“My destination, my mission, my intuition
So close I feel it changing me
Suddenly I know, I have to let it go
All that’s been lost, all that’s been won
Now I feel right before me
Intentions are pure, I’m out of reach”

“Rusted Nail” is the 1st single off of Siren Charms (2014)

“Take This Life” was the 1st single off of Come Clarity (2006)

“Pinball Map” was the 1st single off of the band’s 2nd best album (arguably) Clayman (2000)


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