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I’m an alternative music fan and I have always been interested in hearing new music as soon as it is released. The trouble has been finding quality sources.

I created MusicTrajectory.com to be a quality source of new alternative music. You won’t find annoying pop up ads on this site. I maintain a visually appealing site that is clean and organized. I like imagery so you will see a lot of that – mostly in the form of the single/album covers and band pictures.

The main focus is on new music from the greater alternative music genre. This includes but is not limited to: rock, alternative rock, indie rock, indie pop, indie folk, punk rock, and metal. I will also mix in some multi-genre crossover stuff that seems to be well tolerated by everyone. Use Music Trajectory as a source to explore new songs, new albums, and new artists. Help Music Trajectory expand by leaving comments, voicing you opinion, and linking on social media channels!

I would love to hear from you! Feel free to comment on any post that I publish or tweet me @musictrajectory

I do not wish to become famous or profit from the talents of the bands featured on this site. If there is any revenue generated by this site, I can guarantee you it is only used to pay for site maintenance and hosting fees. You might stumble across affiliate links to purchase songs or albums on Amazon. At this time, this is the only form of potential revenue for this site.


The Stream page: all posts on this site will display here on this page. If a new song hits the web and its awesome, I will post it here on this page. All lists, playlists, album reviews, etc. will also post to this page. Bookmark and check it frequently.

Song of the Week: every Monday I make a post that showcases a song that is new (perhaps brand spankin’ new to the web), catchy, and well, awesome! There is a good chance it will be stuck in your head all week. The song chosen will most likely be from one of the genres that Music Trajectory focuses on but I aim to choose a song that has some crossover appeal. Each post contains the video, band info, some commentary, links, pictures and other goodies. I believe this to be the flagship feature of the entire site.

Best Song in the World: Sometimes a song comes along that is so good, so amazing that it needs to be recognized for just how great it is. One this page a song chosen as ‘Best Song in the World’ is deemed so until another song comes along and dethrones it.

Lists: have you ever gotten into a band by hearing a really good song from them and then wondered what their overall best songs were? I post “best of” lists of popular artists that satisfies this type of need. For example, if you like Rise Against, you can find a Top 20 Rise Against Songs list here on the site on the Lists page. Each list is ranked, well designed, easy to view, and contains a bunch of links to further the discovery process. For each list, I do my research; I look around the web at blogs and forums and factor in popularity such as the top Youtube video views, top Spotify listens, iTunes ranks, etc. I also end the year with several top 20 lists to make sure you get to hear all the best tunes that year had to offer.

Playlists: for each list I post, I make a complimentary Youtube video playlist. That way after you view the best of list, you can watch/listen to all the songs on Youtube! I am also a huge Spotify fan and have a bunch of lists that I continually add to. Check out the Playlists page for these and follow ones you like!

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