My Top 50 Favorite Albums of All-Time

In having a music blog, I figure it is an absolute must to have an exclusive page about my personal favorite albums of all-time.

What a process it was to narrow down to 50 albums, let alone rank them! Challenging, yes. Time consuming, yes. But totally worth it! These are some killer albums and if you have never heard these albums, you should definitely do so!

For the best 3 songs on each album on this list I provided links to listen to the song on Youtube (or Spotify if there is no useful Youtube link). Let me know what you think.

So how in the world did I narrow my favorite albums down to a top 50 and rank them? I started by going through my entire music collection (which I am proud to say is pretty vast and eclectic) and made a huge list in iTunes. This initial list was over 100 albums long – basically just albums that I have gotten into in a big way over the years. Then I started thinking of criteria that I should subject each album to so I could better narrow down the list and eventually rank them.

The criteria is as follows:

Albums that I’ve listened to a ridiculous amount of times
Albums that I would want with me if I were trapped on a deserted island
Albums that have no songs that need skipping/good from start to finish
Albums that sound like what an album should sound like
Albums that have something special about them
Albums that have consumed my life
Albums that have made an emotional attachment
Albums that have inspired me
Albums that got me through the hard times and made the best times better
Albums that I sing at the top of my lungs when singing along
Albums that mean the most to me

I also made a rule, for the purpose of making a top 50 list, that a band can only have one entry on the list because my favorite bands would probably end up dominating the list and I wanted to make it interesting.

With this criteria and new rule, I labored until I finalized the Top 50 list. I should also mention that I promised myself that I would make an honest list and not worry about what people might think. I know that everyone has an opinion so if you come to find this list and are thinking how dare I like this album more than that album, then all I have to say is “go make your own list!”

With that said, I am very proud to present my Top 50 Favorite Albums of All-time and hope that you discover some new material you might not have otherwise. That is one of the reasons I started this blog; to spread my love for music to the people. I also welcome you to post comments, opinions, and even your own top 10, top 20 or even top 50 list! Feel free to link to your own list if you have a blog – all I ask is that you link back to mine.


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