“The Cowboy’s Christmas Ball” by The Killers – The Song of the Week for 12/12/2011


“Cowboy’s Christmas Ball” by The Killers is the 5th Christmas single released by the band to date

Genre: Country, Cowboy Music, Christmas Music

It is that time of the year so queue the Christmas music! Look what I found for you!

The Killers can do no wrong, at least in my eyes. It’s true, they are one of my all-time favorite bands and I think they are one of the best bands going right now. Finally they have some new material out so I can include them in this Juggernaut of a music music blog feature: The Song of the Week.

The release of “Cowboy’s Christmas Ball” marks the 5th year in a row that The Killers have released a Christmas single. The track was released December 1, 2011 as a digital download and the release coincides with World Aids Day with proceeds going towards the (RED) Campaign which helps fight HIV/AIDS in Africa. The track will be available to be purchased as part of a Christmas EP which will contain all their previous Christmas releases.

Can’t wait for the release of the 1st single off their 4th album, which they are currently working on.

“Oh, Bill, I shan’t forget ya, and I’ll oftentimes recall
That lively gaited sworray – ‘The Cowboy’s Christmas Ball'”

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