Cage the Elephant - band picture - 2011

“Aberdeen” by Cage the Elephant – The Song of the Week for 12/19/2011

“Aberdeen” by Cage The Elephant is the 3rd single from the highly anticipated 2nd album Thank You, Happy Birthday, released January 11, 2011

Genre: Indie RockAlternative rock, Punk Blues

I have to give these guys some love because I saw them live last weekend at 91X Wrex the Halls 2011 concert. I was blown away. I went to both nights and Cage the Elephant put on the best live performance, up there with Florence + The Machine who headlined the first night.

You might recognize this band from the amazing 4 different singles (of which three went to number 1 on Billboard’s Alternative Rock Charts) from their 2008 debut album Cage the Elephant.

This is Cage the Elephant’s first Song of the Week nod.

“Never saw my dark side
In, in your eyes
Back and forth bloody fingers
Paintin up the sky
The sky”

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