“Lonely Boy” by The Black Keys – The Song of the Week for 12/5/2011

“Lonely Boy” by The Black Keys is the 1st single from the new album El Camino, set to be released December 6, 2011 (tomorrow as of this posting!)

Genre: Garage Rock, Blues Rock

On the heels of their 2010 breakout, gold-certified, Grammy-winning album Brothers, The Black Keys return with a new album El Camino. “Lonely Boy” is prepped to take the charts by storm, as did many singles from Brothers such as “Howlin For You” and “Tighten Up”.

The Black Keys landed the Song of the Week back on 6/13/2011 and I usually don’t like to give a band another Song of the Week so soon but I caught up with “Lonely Boy” when I was surfing on, a staple music site of mine, and can’t help but go with it. This song epitomizes what I try to do with the Song of the Week feature here on my blog: a fun-catchy-good song that is brand new to the world. I also love the initial video! Who doesn’t want to get up and dance with this guy?

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