Songs You Need on Your Get Psyched Mix

Anyone familiar with the TV show “How I Met Your Mother”, will have heard the term “get psyched mix”. It’s a compilation playlist of songs designed to get you excited, in the zone and ready for whatever your day throws at you. While it was made as a joke for the show, the concept of a get psyched mix is actually a valid one. 

Music has a unique power that can help us change our mood, make us feel more motivated and help us concentrate. Walk into any university library anywhere in the world and you’ll find students tapping away on their laptops with music being piped into their ears. You’ll find the same in many offices where people listen to their favourite tunes to help them drown out the background noise.

Sports stars even use music to help them focus on their game. For example, during the PokerStars European Poker Tour you will see professional poker players such as André Akkari wearing headphones at the table, as well as in other major sports competitions like Formula 1 where drivers like Daniel Ricciardo will often listen to music while they’re on the grid to help them concentrate and stay calm ahead of the race start. 

So if you’re thinking of creating a get psyched mix, here are some tunes you should have on it. 

Danger Zone – Kenny Loggins

This classic from Top Gun will be sure to get your adrenaline pumping. In the movie it kicks in as Maverick and Goose are told they are being sent to Miramar. This high tempo rock anthem will get you right in the zone with lyrics like “revvin’ up your engine” and “shovin’ into overdrive”. 

While you might not be a fighter pilot, you’ll certainly be psyched after listening to this. 

Panama – Van Halen

This 1980s rock track comes with everything you need to get your blood pumping. With a simple but catchy riff, and catchy lyrics. This song will have you screaming “Panama” at the top of your lungs as you sing along. 

Call on Me – Eric Prydz

This 2004 dance track by the Swedish DJ Eric Prydz was made from a sample of “Valerie”, a 1982 song by Steve Winwood. Winwood enjoyed Prydz’s work so much he agreed to re-record the lyrics for Call on Me. 

The higher tempo and heavier bass line of Call on Me compared to Valerie is perfect for blasting through your headphones while working out.

Hall of Fame – The Script

Hall of Fame has some of the most motivational lyrics ever penned. Starting with an inspiring piano riff before bursting into the line “you could be the greatest, you could be the best”. It’s a lower tempo than some of the other songs on the list but is still one of the best tracks for getting psyched. 

No matter whether you need an extra boost while you’re studying, working out or working on your latest work project, the chorus of “standing in the hall of fame and the world’s gonna know your name” will give you the power to go just that little bit further.  

Rookie – BoySetsFire

Some songs start by slowly building up momentum. Rookie starts with an explosion of sound from drums and a guitar, before building up even more energy. 

BoySetsFire is a post-hardcore band that formed in 1994 and have had several songs featured in video games, including Rookie which was including the Legends of Wrestling. You’ll never feel more awake than you do after listening to this song. 

Remember the Name – Fort Minor

Fort Minor is a hip hop group created by Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park. Like Hall of Fame, their song Remember the Name contains lyrics that’ll leave you feeling pumped up. With the lyrics “twenty percent skill, fifteen percent concentrated power of will” and is a description of what musicians must endure to be successful in the music industry. These words could be applied to just about any industry or walk of life though, since success in any area requires a lot of hard work. 

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