“Burn It Down” by Linkin Park – The Song of the Week for 5/28/2012

Linkin Park Band Picture 2012

“Burn It Down” by Linkin Park is the lead single from the upcoming 5th studio album Living Things, set to be released June 20, 2012

Genre: Electronic Rock, Rap Rock

It has been interesting to follow the band’s commentary regarding the recording and overall sound of the new album. First they said it was a “return to their roots” then came out later and said the press misinterpreted this to mean that they were returning to a ‘heavier guitar sound’.

After some clarification from individual band members, it seems everything is even more convoluted.

Focusing on the sound of lead single “Burn It Down”, Chester Bennington told MTV that the track highlighted everything they wanted to achieve with the new album:

All of our songs take these really big creative turns and twists throughout the process, so sometimes songs will start out as a melody or some musical chord progressions. Other times, they’ll start out as beats, and the next thing you know they kind of evolve over the course of the making of the album.

But what’s interesting about this track is the really high energy and the really strong electronic melodies and hooks kind of set this song apart, which is why we chose it as our first single.

I for one enjoy Linkin Park, perhaps being partial to the earlier material. I give them credit for evolving as a band and continuing to put out good music. I am anxious to hear the new album. “Burn It Down” is promising.


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