Rise Against ‘Tragedy + Time’ – The Song of the Week for 1/12/2015

Released October 20, 2014 via Interscope Records, “Tragedy + Time” is the 2nd single off of The Black Market, the 7th studio album by Rise Against

When The Black Market came out last summer I thought it was going to be a huge hit and a staple record in Rise Against’s discography. The album has sold well for a record of its genre but has fallen short of the success of previous release, 2011’s Endgame. Though clearly the better record of the two, The Black Market apparently lacks the ‘big, successful, radio-friendly’ single. 1st single “I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore” was in my eyes (and ears) a sure shot to hit #1 on at least the Alternative Rock Charts (Billboard) but it only peaked at #13. I just don’t see “Tragedy + Time” being that successful or anywhere close. They haven’t even released single artwork for the song yet! My hope lies in the song “Methadone” to resurrect the band’s success on the charts. When I first put The Black Market on, I thought this was a killer track and would make for a great song to release as a single – it reminds me a lot of “Savior”, arguably RA’s most successful song to date.

But what do you think? Will “Tragedy + Time” catch on? Will there be a 3rd single off this album? If so, which song? Sound off in the comments section below and tweet me @MusicTrajectory


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