Paramore ‘Ain’t It Fun’ – The Song of the Week for 2/3/2014

Released February 4th, 2014 via Fueled By Ramen Records, “Ain’t It Fun” is the 4th single from Paramore, the self-titled 4th studio album by Paramore

Genre: Pop Rock, Funk Rock, New Wave, Alternative Rock

OK, here’s the thing. Love them or hate them, Paramore knows how to write some catchy pop-punk/alternative rock songs. You’ve gotta give it up for a band who is writing perhaps their best material 4 albums into their career. Paramore’s 4th studio album, 2013’s self-titled Paramore is arguably their best album front-to-back. Perhaps not instantly as catchy as their breakout 2nd album Riot, but that album’s 2nd half was weak (you’ve got to agree with me on that!). Not sure where the band goes from here – perhaps an even more experiemental direction on the next album? I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on that. Sound off in the comments section below and tweet me @MusicTrajectory

“So what are you gonna do
When the world don’t orbit around you?
So what are you gonna do
When the world don’t orbit around you?

Ain’t it fun?
Living in the real world
Ain’t it good?
Being all alone”


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