SKATERS ‘Deadbolt’ – The Song of the Week for 1/27/2014

Released in late 2013, “Deadbolt” is the official 1st single off of MANHATTAN, the debut album by SKATERS

Genre: Rock, Alternative,  Noise Rock, Indie Rock

I can’t say noise rock is one of my favorite sub-genres but this band SKATERS is pretty rad! The New York City boys did the smart thing and released an EP entitled Schemers back in late 2013 to get themselves out there ahead of their debut album release. The debut full-length MANHATTAN is scheduled for a February 24, 2014 release via Warner Bros. Records. If the rest of the album is anything like “Deadbolt”, the band is in for some success indeed! Perhaps this sound is a glimpse of what is to come out of rock and alternative music. The band sounds pretty punk-rock to me and punk-rock is one of my personal all-time favorite genres. Here is to hoping punk music makes a little bit of a revival!

What is ahead for this up and coming band? What do you think of them so far? Sound off in the comments section and tweet me @MusicTrajectory



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