“Heart’s All Gone” by Blink 182 – The Song of the Week for 8/8/2011


“Heart’s All Gone” by Blink-182 is the 2nd single to be released from the new album Neighborhoods, released September 27, 2011

Genre: Pop Punk

So Blink-182 are “back”. Perhaps because the side projects weren’t bringing in enough dough. Regardless of why, they have a new album coming out on September 27, 2011 called Neighborhoods. I really don’t like the first single “Up All Night” so I took the return of Blink 182 off my radar until I heard this second release from the new album. “Heart’s All Gone” might not be released as the second single but since it’s leaked and on the internet, I am going to use it for the song of the week. Rougher around the edges compared to most Blink songs of the past. I dig it. If there is more material on the new album like this, I might consider checking it out. Awesome drums, Travis.

“But you only care about
Fame and fortune
Watching others tortured
Casting your reflection
Grocery store perfection
This is the last time
Sent to the front line
With dirty boots on the ground
You said I’ll make this all mine”

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