The 25 Best Iron Maiden Songs

Iron Maiden has an amazing collection of music, spanning 16 studio albums. Their most recent album Book of Souls is arguably their best since the 80s. With the band still releasing quality material, this list will be kept fresh. [Last updated June 2020]

What are the best Iron Maiden songs? This could be debated until the end of time, of course! Everyone has a different option – and the band probably does as well. This is Music Trajectory’s list. See you in the comments.

1. “Hallowed Be Thy Name”

It’s not the most well-known/popular Iron Maiden song, but it tops the list because this song truly has all the elements of what makes Maiden great. It’s the epic last track on The Number of the Beast, which is arguably their best album. It’s the 3rd most played song on tour, according to

2. “Run to the Hills”

Arguably Iron Maiden’s most popular song, and rightfully so.

3. “The Trooper”

If “Run to the Hills” is the band’s most popular song, this is a close second. Iconic riffs, one of the best double guitar solos in metal music history. A song permanent in the heart of every Maiden fan.

4. “Fear of the Dark”

One of the most epic songs in the band’s discography. Arguably the band’s quintessential live song.

5. “The Number of the Beast”

This song is likely in the top 5 of any list about the best Maiden songs. If you could only send ONE song to a Maiden newbie, wouldn’t it be this song?

6. “2 Minutes to Midnight”

With the political nature of the lyrics, this song reached a wider audience. A mainstay on tour and definitely one of the band’s best songs. Isn’t it great to sing along to that chorus?

7. “Wasted Years”

Slightly more towards the ballad-end of the spectrum.

8. “Aces High”

Arguably the best intro of any Maiden song ever written…and the best chorus?

9. “The Evil That Men Do”

2nd single off the album that was recently voted as the band’s greatest album by Kerrang.

10. “Flight of Icarus”

This song takes you on a journey. The song chosen as lead single for the Piece of Mind album, ahead of “The Trooper”.

11. “Running Free”

A throwback to the very first Maiden album.

12. “Revelations”

One of the band’s best live songs. A favorite of true fans.

13. “Rime of the Ancient Mariner”

At near 14-minutes long, this song is legendary. A masterpiece.

14. “Powerslave”

This song went back-to-back with the song above to close out Iron Maiden’s Powerslave album. If you’re paying attention, the first two tracks on the album were in the top 10 of this list. It’s truly a fantastic album (and song!)

15. “Wrathchild”

A standout track from the early years, the band’s second album Killers to be exact. Paul sang it well, Bruce sang it well.

16. “Phantom of the Opera”

An iconic Maiden song with incredible song structure. A cult classic, if you will.

17. “Stranger in a Strange Land”

This song pairs with “Wasted Years” as the two singles released for the Somewhere In Time album. A song that gets better with age.

18. “Infinite Dreams”

Slow build, amazing lyrics, mystical, epic.

19. “Caught Somewhere in Time”

Dare you to survive the minute and 23 second ‘triple solo’ in this song.

20. “Can I Play With Madness”

The lead single for the aforementioned Seventh Son of a Seventh Son album. Special honors to the video!

21. “Children of the Damned”

The band recently dusted off this song for the Book of Souls world tour. Track 2 on The Number of the Beast, the album that has more entries in this list (5) than any other.

22. “The Clairvoyant”

Released as a (live) single for Seventh Son, hence the epic live video above!

23. “Be Quick or Be Dead”

Arguably one of the most underrated of Iron Maiden songs, particularly the singles. Lead single for the Fear of the Dark album and the band’s stab at a more grunge-sound which was gaining popularity at the time.

24. “Death or Glory”

A track from the band’s most recent album Book of Souls. It quickly has become a fan favorite live song. See for yourself. Pairs well with “Aces High”…eh?

25. “Wasting Love”

Most Iron Maiden fans would be surprised at how popular this song was during that era in the band’s career. 3rd single off Fear of the Dark.

Honorable Mention: The Wicker Man

With Bruce Dickenson back at the helm, the band burst back onto the metal scene in 2000 with their 12th studio album, Brave New World. “The Wicker Man” was the lead single.

Honorable Mention: Killers

With an intro that would wow most bassists, “Killers” truly kills. A standout from the Paul Di’Anno days.

Honorable Mention: Bring Your Daughter…to the Slaughter

2nd single from the most underrated Iron Maiden album, No Prayer for the Dying.

Honorable Mention: Different World

2nd single from the A Matter of Life and Death album.

Honorable Mention: Blood Brothers

Never released as a single. It organically became a mainstay in live shows since its release on the 2000 album Brave New World. Perhaps this song encapsulates the world-wide Maiden fan base more than any other song in the band’s discography.

Hope you enjoyed Music Trajectory’s ‘Best of the Beast’ list. Feel free to share your list in the comments below!

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  1. >Good list, mine would include some epics off the later albums but that's about it.

  2. No Where Eagles Dare? To Tame A Land? Murders In The Rue Morgue? Prowler? The Prisoner? I could go on and on. No true Maiden fan would ever sign off on this list.

    • Fair enough! Those are all awesome songs of course! Which ones that made this list should be taken off for the ones you mentioned?

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