“Rolling In The Deep” by Adele – The Song of the Week for 8/1/2011

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“Rolling In The Deep” by Adele is the lead single from her newest album 21, released November 29, 2010

Genre: Soul, Pop, Blues

Wow, this song is awesome! I heard it a few times on the alternative radio station I listen to here in San Diego – rare for a pop song to be played on an alternative station. The last time I heard a pop song on 91X was “Hey Ya” by OutKast! I actually didn’t know who this song was by and the DJs never say who it is. Meanwhile, I have been hearing a bunch of people talking about Adele. Then finally I start thinking I wonder if that song I keep hearing on the radio that I love is Adele. Turned out it is! No wonder there is so much buzz about her. This is the best song I have heard in a long time. And I will admit, I am not usually into pop music of any kind, but this song is a true gem and definitely the song of the week in my book. Enjoy!

“Throw your soul through every open door
Count your blessings to find what you look for
Turn my sorrow into treasured gold
You pay me back in kind and reap just what you sow”

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