Foster the People ‘Best Friend’ – The Song of the Week for 6/9/2014

Released March 10, 2014 via Columbia Records, “Best Friend” is the 3rd single off of Supermodel, the 2nd studio album by Foster the People

Foster The People is easily one of the favorite bands here on and they are back with yet another single and video off of Supermodel….the fantastic (and extremely underrated) 2nd studio album by the band. Rolling Stone trashed the album and it is hard to find very many overly positive reviews of the album. As of this writing the album has a score of 58 on Metacritic. I ask you to look past the harsh reviews and give the album a chance. It is solid, though definitely not as good as their debut, Torches. Supermodel is the more refined and conceptual album of the two, possibly just needing more listens to appreciate it, in comparison to the instantly catchy predecessor.

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Anxious to hear more Foster The People? Check out their Top 5 Songs in the Rdio playlist below and see if “Best Friend” made the cut.

“It comes up
I’ve been a spoken word
I’ve been a river bed
I’ve been a rabid voice
And let it flow up from within

Sometimes it feels like I only dream in black and white”


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