Blondfire ‘Waves’ – The Song of the Week for the 6/23/2014

“Waves” is the new single from Blondfire, released here in June 2014 as a single from their 2nd studio album Young Heart

This single “Waves” was originally released from Blondfire’s 2011 Where the Kids Are EP but has been re-released as a single from their new studio album, the very solid Young Heart, released on February 11, 2014. If “Waves” can be considered a 2014 single, then it is surely a great addition to any ‘best-of 2014’ playlist!

Blondfire hails from Los Angeles, CA and is composed of brother-sister duo Bruce and Erica Driscoll.

Is this your first time coming across Blondfire? If so tell me what you think in the comments section and tweet me @MusicTrajectory. Like their sound? Also check out similar indie pop artists The Colourist, MS MR, Tegan and Sara and Grouplove.

“You hear them when you try to fall asleep

They crash to the shore, they come from the deep
As sure as the sun will rise, the sun will set
You taste the salt the closer you getWaves, picking you up
Pushing you down, they’re always around
Waves, just like dream
Silver and green, we live in between”


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