Alt-J ‘Hunger of the Pine’ – The Song of the Week for 6/30/2014

Released June 19, 2014 via Infectious Records, “Hunger of the Pine” is the 1st single off of This Is All Yours, the 2nd studio album by Alt-J

What is the first thing you thought of when you heard this new song from Alt-J? For me, it was “why the hell is Miley Cyrus in an Al-tJ song?” After a few listens the sampled part she contributes starts to make sense and brings something special to the song. I actually had no idea it was a sampled part from a Miley Cyrus entitled “4×4” until I read about it on Wikipedia. Turns out Alt-J’s drummer Thom Green produced a remix of “4×4” for her and thought it would be cool to be in their recording of the song. It also turns out Miley is a fan of the mind. This kind of makes me roll my eyes but can you blame her? Alt-J is awesome!

Enough about Miley Cyrus and let’s hope we never have to speak of her again here on Music Trajectory. What are your thoughts on the new song and how does it compare with the singles from Alt-J’s first album An Awesome Wave? Will “Hunger of the Pine” be as successful as the band’s standout song “Breezeblocks”? Sound off in the comments section below and tweet me @MusicTrajectory

Want to preview more Alt-J music? Check out Music Trajectory’s Top 5 Alt-J Songs in the Rdio playlist below. Does “Hunger of the Pine” make the list?

“I’m there for you, be there for me
I’ll hum the song the soldiers sing
As they march outside our window

Hunger of the pine”


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