Youngblood Hawke “We Come Running” – The Song of the Week for 11/5/2012

“We Come Running” is the band’s first single off the Youngblood Hawke EP via Universal Republic Records.

Genre: Indie Rock

Still a largely unknown band, Youngblood Hawke has potential to blow up overnight as this single “We Come Running” is starting to get national airplay and the band is reading their debut album. For now, the band has a 4 song EP simply titled the Youngblood Hawke EP. What are your thoughts on the song and the potential of the band to score big once the debut album is released? Sound off in the comments section below.

“Headed for the open door
tell me what you’re waiting for
look across the great divide
soon they’re gunna hear
the sound, the sound, the sound
when we come running
never go where we belong
echoes in the dead of dawn
soon they’re gunna know
the sound, the sound, the sound
when we come running “

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