Gary Clark Jr. “Numb” – The Song of the Week for 11/12/2012

Released October 2, 2012, ‘Numb’ is the official 2nd single off Gary Clark Jr.’s first major label studio album Blak and Blue via Warner Bros. Records

Genre: Blues, Rock

Some say he is the ‘savior of blues’. Some say he is the heir to the rock/blues throne. Sounds like this guy is heralded. Time will tell, but for now this debut album is killer and highly recommended. Sound off in the comment section below – what do you think of ‘Numb’ as the 2nd single and what songs are contenders for the 3rd single? Is David Clark Jr. all that he is said to be?

“She give me hard time in the day
A Hard time at night
She can be so sweet till she wanna
Fuss and fight

Till I’m numb
Yeah woman I can’t feel a thing
Well I’m numb
Yeah woman I can’t feel a thing”

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