Weezer ‘Back To The Shack’ – The Song of the Week for 10/27/2014

Released July 22, 2014 via Republic Records, “Back To The Shack” is the 1st single off of Everything Will be Alright In The End, the 9th studio album by Weezer

Fan of the band since the Blue Album or casual fan here and there, I argue Everything Will Be Alright In The End is easily their best album since 1996’s alternative/emo classic Pinkerton. Everything is fun & catchy and perhaps most importantly, rocks more than any Weezer album since Blue. You might find yourself going through the new album without skipping any tracks and after going through a few times you might find yourself thinking that not only is this the best Weezer album in almost 20 years (we’re getting old), it might be the best alternative rock album of 2014. Don’t take my word for it – go listen to it. Buy it, listen to it on Spotify, do what you’ve gotta do. And enjoy.

What’s next for the band? Potentially several more hit singles off the album. Track 9 “Cleopatra” was recently announced as the 2nd single. A highlight on the album for sure but an interesting choice for a single, IMO. Look for the infectious lead track “Ain’t Got Nobody” and straight-off-of-the-Green-album “Lonely Girl” to be singles 3 and 4 respectively. Just a prediction.

Look for the band currently touring through the US – they have a great live show.

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“Take me back, back to the shack
Back to the strat with the lightning strap
Kick in the door, more hardcore
Rockin out like it’s ’94
Let’s turn up the radio
Let’s turn off those stupid singing shows
I know where we need to go:
Back to the shack”



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