Week In Review: 5/15/2017 – 5/21/2017

Welcome to the Week In Review – the post that puts the best new releases in alternative music in front of your eyes and ears.

(10) new singles were added to the Best New Music of 2017 playlist and the new singles from Rise Against, Muse, Royal Blood, Phoenix, and Dan Auerbach were the Featured 5 singles this week.

The song that wowed me this week is the new single “House On Fire” by Rise Against, thus given the Song of the Week trophy this week. What was your #SongoftheWeek? Tell me about it in the comments section.

Notable album releases this week:

  • Blink-182 dishes deluxe edition of their fantastic California album thus bringing together all the bonus singles they have been releasing lately. This edition is 29 songs deep if you count the acoustic “Bored To Death” and the 0:35 “Can’t Get You More Pregnant”
  • Linkin Park finally released the album that has completely divided their fan base. I can’t stand One More Light but I am sure there are some out there that do
  • Papa Roach harken back to their roots with new album Crooked Teeth. It’s worth the listen if you like their early material
  • Matisyahu trims the fat and releases the solid 8-song album Undercurrent

If music videos are your thing, I’ll let the Youtube playlist below do its thing:

And a bunch of new live videos:

And finally we come to the Best Song in the World feature here on the site. The #BSITW did not change this week. Lorde’s “Green Light” retains.

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