“Trouble” by Cage the Elephant named Best Song in the World

We have a newly crowned Best Song in the World and it is the tireless track “Trouble” by Cage the Elephant. This song was released way back in April and has been on the charts ever since. The song has seen a resurgence of late, making its way back to the top of the alternative charts. The charts don’t mean everything. This is just a fun feature here on the site!

“Trouble” dethrones “Ophelia” by The Lumineers which has been BSITW since May 29th, 2016.

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Current Best Song in the World

Cage the Elephant – “Trouble”

Released: April 26, 2016

Genre: Alternative Rock, Garage Rock, Blues Rock

Purchase: Amazon, iTunes

Crowned Best Song in the World on: September 4th, 2016


Cage The Elephant-tell-me-im-pretty

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