Green Day storms back with punk rock anthem “Bang Bang”

“Bang Bang” was released on August 11th, 2016 via Reprise records as the 1st single off of Revolution Radio, the 12th studio album by Green Day

Green Day returns with a solid radio-friendly and soon-to-be chart topping punk rock anthem “Bang Bang”. The single is the first release from the band since “Xmas Time of the Year” in 2015 but the first of the studio album variety since 2013’s “X-Kid”, the 2nd and final single off of Tre!

The riffs in “Bang Bang” sound like Nimrod-era Green Day with an overall vibe similar to “American Idiot”. Seems like the band might be striping away the layers and going to a more straight-forward release. 2004’s American Idiot was a punk rock opera, 2009’s 21st Century Breakdown pushed further, and then the band released an album trilogy in 2012: Uno! Dos! Tre! Where does a band go from there? I’m guessing a more straight-forward album (which might end up being a loose concept album) which takes the band back to it’s roots a bit. We shall see.

What are your initial thoughts of the new single and what are your expectations for “Revolution Radio”? Sound off in the comments section below or tweet @MusicTrajectory

I wanna be a celebrity martyr
The leading man in my own private drama
Hoorah, bang, bang, hoorah, bang, bang, the hero of the hour
Daddy’s little psycho and mommy’s little soldier



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