Trajectory1 this week: New single “Your Love Is My Favourite Band” by The Vaccines

The Vaccines are from West London and they are about to be one of your new favourite bands.

[ Although I spell favorite with no “u”, I will appeal to the British way of spelling the word for the purpose of this post : D ]

“Your Love Is My Favourite Band” is the latest single from the indie rockers and the 5th song released from their upcoming 4th studio album Combat Sports.

Look for it to drop on March 30th via Columbia records. You can pre-order the album and snag a free EP from their web store here.

Speaking of snagging, the song takes #Trajectory1 honors this week.

A glimpse of the #Trajectory5 chosen this week

Onward for lyrics, purchase links, album images, and band links >

“I know you like to do me wrong
But your love is my favourite song
I knew you wouldn’t understand
But your love is my favourite band”

Full Lyrics >

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