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Top 15 Underrated Blindside Songs


After posting my interpretation of Blindside’s 20 Best Songs, I felt that I had to go a bit further because there are so many great songs in their discography that had to be left off that list. Its… Read More

Top 20 Best Blindside Songs – Editors Choice


To follow up my post on the Top 20 Blindside songs, here is a list of my personal favorite Blindside songs. Some of these songs are on that Top 20 list, some aren’t. When you get into a… Read More

“Our Love Saves Us” by Blindside – The Song of the Week for 10/17/2011


“Our Love Saves Us” by Blindside is the 2nd single from the new album With Shivering Hearts We Wait, released June 7, 2011 Genre:¬†Alternative Rock, Post-Hardcore I am so stoked Blindside made a video for this song. I… Read More