Song of the Week: New Phoenix single “J-Boy”

Phoenix is back after a long wait from last album Bankrupt! in 2013. New single “J-Boy” had tough competition this week but in my ears, it is the best and thus the Song of the Week. It sounds fresh and unique but also just like…Phoenix! What more can you want? How about that sick synth intro? Phoenix knows how to bring the synth. Not sure how this single will fair on the charts. Its no “1901” or “Lisztomania” but hits like that usually only come once in a band’s career. Excited for the new album? I am! Ti Amo will be released on 6/9/2017 via Glassnote records.

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Just because of you
These things I have to go through
Is it so bad? Is it so true?
Is it still you?
Just because of you
These things I have to go through
It’s more than that, we’re chained
And there’s no else to blame
For us two

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