Song of the Week | Foo Fighters “The Sky Is A Neighborhood” | Week of 8/28/2017

Who’s in on the Foo Fighters’ two lead singles off the upcoming new album? Count me in.

Another cool video as well. The Foos are looking a bit like white walkers and rocking out on a kid’s root top. Go them!

I’m not convinced they will ever top their 2011 classic Wasting Light or touch any of their early stuff, but they continue to put out quality material. And you know bands always gain more fans with new releases.

Alright, this is my pick for the best song released this week. Whatcha got? Sound off @MusicTrajectory

“Mind is a battlefield
All hope is gone
Trouble to the right and left
Whose side you’re on?

Thoughts like a minefield
I’m a ticking bomb
Maybe you should watch your step
Don’t get lost
The sky is a neighborhood”

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