Royal Blood ‘Figure It Out’ – The Song of the Week for 8/25/2014

Released July 18, 2014 via Warner Bros Records, “Figure It Out” is the 1st single off of the self-titled debut album by Royal Blood

This young band is going places. A solid – dare I say KILLER – debut album, a unique sound and currently playing to sold-out shows every city they play in. This lead single “Figure It Out” is my personal favorite song off the debut self-titled album but there should be at least a couple more singles to follow, namely “Out Of The Black”, “Blood Hands” and “Little Monster”.

Some say bassist/lead singer Mike Kerr sounds like Jack White and drummer Ben Thatcher drums like Patrick Carney from Black Keys. I dunno, they sound like Royal Blood to me! I am talking unique. Keep in mind Mike Kerr plays the bass and gets that awesome guitar tone with it. Check out a live version of the song below to get an idea.

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“Nothing better to do
When I’m stuck on you
And still I’m here

Getting hard to sleep
But it is in my dreams
But it’s killing me
To try and FIGURE IT OUT”



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