Phoenix “Trying To Be Cool” – The Song of the Week for 7/8/2013

Released as a single on July 8, 2013 via Atlantic Records, “Trying To Be Cool” is the 2nd single off Bankrupt!, the 5th studio album by Phoenix

Genre: Indie Rock, Synthpop, New Wave

On the heels of the 1st single and monster hit, “Entertainment”, Phoenix calls upon “Trying To Be Cool” to be the 2nd single off the critically acclaimed album, Bankrupt! Together with a fun and creative video, this song looks and sounds like another solid hit for the band. After listening to Bankrupt several times over – and thinking it to be one of the best albums of the year by far – Phoenix could easily release 4+ singles from the album. I anticipate “The Real Thing” to be the 3rd single.

Can “Trying To Be Cool” keep up the momentum? What are your thoughts on the new album? Sound off in the comments section at the bottom of the post…

“I’m just trying to be cool
It’s all because of you.
The businesses and all
You can’t go wrong
Can women sound this cynical, where you’re from?
Tell me that you want me
Tell me that you want it all”

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