My Top 100 Favorite Songs of All-time Part 1 of 4

Welcome to Part 1 of 4: Songs 1-25

When I was putting the finishing touches on my Top 50 Favorite Albums of All-time post, I figured I should follow up with a post about my favorite songs of all-time. Call me crazy for being able to narrow down my 100 favorite songs, let alone rank them! Similar to the process I used when narrowing down my favorite albums, I again limited bands and artists to only one possible entry on this list. As far as the ranking process, it was a total pain. Working in iTunes, I made a playlist of all my favorite songs and then dwindled that list down to the top 100. Once I had 100 songs, I made a top 50 and a bottom 50. The top 50 was divided into a top 25 and a bottom 25, and so on until I had a ranked 1-100. Songs 1-25 are the most strictly ranked.

As you will see, the songs on this list are mostly from rock, hard rock, indie rock, punk, and metal genres. These, and everything in between, have always been my favorite genres of music. There are some common themes that can be found across this list of songs. I am drawn to songs about life; songs that are inspiring, heartfelt, emotional, encouraging, uplifting and also songs that discuss common struggle and question our existence and the status quo. I am also a sucker for a song with a catchy chorus and good beat. Songs that made this top 100 list satisfy all of these dimensions.

With that said, I am very proud to present my Top 100 Favorite Songs of All-time. I hope that you discover some new material you might not have otherwise. That is one of the reasons I started this blog; to spread my love for music to the people.

Note: This favorite songs entry will be released in 4 parts for faster page loading times

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25. “Shake It Out” by Florence + The Machine


Album: Ceremonials (2011)

Genre: Baroque pop, Art rock, Soul

24. “Take It Away” by The Used


Album: In Love and Death (2004)

Genre: Post-hardcore

23. “Take This Life” by In Flames


Album: Come Clarity (2006)

22. “Needled 24/7” by Children of Bodom


Album: Hate Crew Deathroll (2003)

21. “Chop Suey!” by System of a Down


Album: Toxicity (2001)

20. “All Over You” by Live


Album: Throwing Copper (1994)

19. “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga


Album: Born This Way (2011)

18. “Barracuda” by Heart


Album: Little Queen (1977)

Genre: Hard rock

17. “Punk Rock Song” by Bad Religion


Album: The Gray Race (1996)

Genre: Punk rock

16. “Breaking The Law” by Judas Priest


Album: British Steel (1980)

15. “Beat It” by Michael Jackson


Album: Thriller (1982)

Genre: Rock

14. “Holy Diver” by Dio


Album: Holy Diver (1983)

Genre: Heavy metal

13. “Paranoid” by Black Sabbath


Album: Paranoid (1970)


12. “Freedom” by Rise Against the Machine


Album: Rage Against the Machine (1994)

11. “Drones” by Rise Against


10. “Mother” by Danzig


Album: Danzig (1988)

Genre: Heavy metal

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9. “Creeping Death” by Metallica


Album: Ride the Lightning (1984)

Genre: Thrash metal

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8. “Don’t Drag Me Down” by Social Distortion


7. “Angry Chair” by Alice In Chains


Album: Dirt (1992)

6. “Ruby Soho” by Rancid


Genre: Punk rock

5. “Girls Not Grey” by A.F.I.


Album: Sing the Sorrow (2003)

4. “The Evil That Men Do” by Iron Maiden


3. “Sam’s Town” by The Killers


Album: Sam’s Town (2006)

2. “Caught A Glimpse” by Blindside


Album: Silence (2002)

1. “Self-Esteem” by The Offspring


Album: Smash (1994)

Genre: Grunge, Punk rock

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