“Charlie Brown” by Coldplay – The Song of the Week for 4/2/2012

Coldplay - band picture - 2012

“Charlie Brown” by Coldplay is the official 3rd single from the band’s 5th studio album Mylo Xyloto. The single was released January 23, 2012

Genre: Alternative Rock, Post-Britpop

If you follow my humble little music blog here, you know that I am not a huge Coldplay fan overall, but I am quite fond of the album Mylo Xyloto. Upon hearing the album, I was pretty confident that “Charlie Brown” would be a single and the band did a great job shooting a video that captures of the essence of the song. Well done.

This is Coldplay’s 2nd Song of the Week nod. The 1st was for “Paradise”, the 2nd single off Mylo Xyloto and one of my personal favorite Coldplay songs.

“Light a fire, light a spark
Light a fire, a flame in my heart
We’ll run wild
We’ll be glowing in the dark”

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