“I Just Wanna Dance” by Space Capone – The Song of the Week for 1/2/2012

“I just Wanna Dance” by Space Capone is the 1st single from the debut album, scheduled for an early 2012 release

First off, Happy New Year! Second off, get up and dance!

Sometimes I like to throw you all a curve ball. But I am keeping the song choice catchy as always AND exposing you to a brand spankin’ new song. Better yet, Space Capone is currently on tour and prepping his debut album for release on January 24, 2012.

OK, so here is the honest truth: I’d never heard of this guy until I came across this video. Sometimes I find gems when searching around for a Song of the Week. I think this one is a gem. A sexy video to boot. Apparently there is a lot of anticipation with this guy and he is playing live shows that are creating a lot of buzz.

An excellent introduction and interview with Space Capone can be found over at

“I put my feet out on the floor
All the ladies seem to like it
The jukebox’s bumpin’ Space Capone
Everybody’s in a trance
So I think I might dance”

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