“I Get By” by Everlast – Song of the Week for 1/9/2012

“I Get By” by Everlast is the 1st single from the new solo album Songs of the Ungrateful Living released on October 18, 2011

Genre: Hip Hop, Rock, Blues, Country

We all remember Everlast from his 1998 hit “What It’s Like” and even from his House of Pain days. I was reintroduced to him at this year’s 91X Wrex the Halls concert where he put on a very impressive set. I remembered this song in particular. Turns out “I Get By” is his latest single and first off his new solo album. Awesome video!

“So I smoke a little grass, drink a little wine
Watch a little tube, try to kill a little time
And every single day I fall a little more behind
But I’m paying it no mind, it’ll all be fine”

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