Fall Out Boy “The Phoenix” – The Song of the Week for 4/15/2013

Released March 24, 2013 via Island Records, “The Phoenix” is the official 2nd single from Fall Out Boy’s 5th studio album Save Rock and Roll

Genre: Pop Rock, Pop Punk, Alternative Rock, Symphonic Rock, Synthrock

With two strong singles now released from the upcoming Save Rock and Roll album, it looks like Fall Out Boy has a hit album on their hands. Can we say they are proverbially ‘BACK’? “The Phoenix” is much more rockin’ than 1st single “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark” and a lot less pop and hip-hop, if you ask me. But the band is not skimping on a huge hook chorus. “The Phoenix” has the potential to be a bigger success, as it will appeal to older fans of the band.

What are your thoughts on the new single and the new album? Let’s hear from some Fall Out Boy fans! Sound off in the comments section below!

“Hey, young blood, doesn’t it feel like our time is running out
I’m going to change you like a remix
Then I’ll raise you like a phoenix
Wearing all-vintage misery
No, I think it looked a little better on me
I’m going to change you like a remix
Then I’ll raise you like a phoenix”

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