Editor’s Choice: Best 20 Songs of 2017 + Honorable Mentions

I am a little late to the game on this topic but since it is a yearly post here on the site, it is better late than never!

As you know, I keep track of all new single releases week to week and catalogue the best 5-10 songs or so that are released in a particular week into a playlist. Since I am a big Spotify fan, I tend to make all playlists in that program. All the best songs of 2017 Spotify playlist can be brought up here.

There happen to be 392 songs in that playlist. But only 20 of those songs made my Editor’s Choice Best Songs of 2017 playlist. Another 20 are considered honorable mentions. These playlists can be viewed and listened to below.

If this is your first time to the site, welcome and stayed tuned for my Featured 5 and Song of the Week posts each week as well as the common Week In Review post.

Happy New Year.

P.S. What are your favorite tracks of the year?

2 Comments on “Editor’s Choice: Best 20 Songs of 2017 + Honorable Mentions”

  1. What a lame list, seriously. Some of the worst ever releases from The Killers, Arcade Fire, Foo Fighters got released in 2017 and they all make your list. I probably could have called the rest of the just by glancing at those three; all top singles from the top overrated acts of the year. Do yourself a favour and avoid the charts.

    • I absolutely took your comment to heart. What did you think if the Top 20 Underrated Songs playlist? I thought it was a bit more edgy

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