Arctic Monkeys “Do I Wanna Know?” – The Song of the Week for 8/5/2013

Released June 19, 2013 via Domino Records, “Do I Wanna Know?” is the 2nd single from AM, the 5th studio album by Arctic Monkeys

Genre: Indie Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Garage Rock, Post-Punk Revival, Stoner Rock

I can’t say I am as into the Arctic Monkeys as I used to be. That first album, Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not, was just so killer! The follow up was good, but not as good and then they just started going in a bunch of different directions. Mad respect for the experimentation of course! So what do you all think of the new music, particularly the new album AM? Sound off in the comments section or tweet me @MusicTrajectory.

“(Do I wanna know?)
If this feeling flows both ways
(Sad to see you go)
Sorta hoping that you’d stay
(Baby we both know)
That the nights were mainly made for saying things
that you can’t say tomorrow day

Crawling back to you”

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