Arcade Fire ‘We Exist’ – The Song of the Week 5/26/2014

Released May 26, 2014 via Sonovox Records, “We Exist” is the 3rd single off of Reflektor, the 4th studio album by Arcade Fire

Beloved Canadian indie/alternative rockers Arcade Fire release “We Exist” as the 3rd single off of their fantastic double album Reflektor and make a statement with the video, to say the least. “We Exist” is the follow up single to the first two lead singles; “Reflektor” and “Afterlife”, respectively. A video for their live performance on SNL can be seen below.

Speaking of followups, Reflektor is the follow up album to 2010’s The Suburbs which won the Grammy for album of the year in 2011. It is debatable if Reflektor is better, as it is a double album and loaded with awesome songs. Perhaps it doesn’t have the same charm as The Suburbs did. What is not debatable is that Arcade Fire is one of the most prominent and…important bands in rock music today.

Interested in hearing more Arcade Fire? Check out their Top 5 Songs in the Rdio playlist below.

You tell me what the strongest of the Reflektor singles is and how the album compares to The Suburbs.  Sound off in the comments section below and tweet me @MusicTrajectory

“They’re walking around
Head full of sound
Acting like
We don’t exist
They walk in the room
And stare right through you
Talking like
We don’t exist”


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