Vampire Weekend ‘Diane Young’ – The Song of the Week for 3/25/2013

Released March 18th, 2013 via XL Recordings, “Diane Young” and “Step” were released as a double lead single for Vampire Weekend’s upcoming 3rd studio album Modern Vampires of the City

Genre: Indie Rock, Indie Pop

This is the first time that Vampire Weekend fans have had to wait 3 year in between albums; 2nd album Contra was released 2 years after self-titled debut album Vampire Weekend. Lead singer Ezra Koenig did mention after Contra’s release that the band would take its time in releasing the followup. The wait is finally over and the new album will be released on May 6, 2013!

What are your thoughts on the lead singles and expectations of the new album? Sound off in the comment section at the bottom of the post! H does “Diane Young” measure up to prior lead singles “Cousins” and “Mansard Roof”?

“Out of control but you’re playing a role
Do you think you can go til the 18th hole
Or will you flip-flop the day of the championship?
Try to go it alone on your own for a bit

If Diane Young won’t change your mind,
Baby, baby, baby, baby right on time”

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