#Trajectory1 this week: New Muse single “Thought Contagion”

Well their last album Drones came out in 2015 so this new “Thought Contagion” single is the presumed lead single – or first ‘taste’ – of an upcoming album since its about that time again.

It’s a solid song. It sounds like Muse, that’s what we want right? I imagine some fans wont like the rapping verse or the 30 Seconds To Mars and/or Imagine Dragons-ish whoa ohhhhs of the background vocals.

It’s the video that really hooked me. Its retro for sure but feels like a modern Thriller.

A glimpse of the #Trajectory5 chosen this week

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“You’ve been bitten by
A true believer
You’ve been bitten by
Someone who’s hungrier than you
You’ve been bitten by
A true believer
You’ve been bitten by
Someone’s false beliefs

Thought Contagion
Thought Contagion”

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