Top 15 Underrated Offspring Songs


After posting my interpretation of Offspring’s 20 Best Songs, I felt that I had to go a bit further because there are so many great songs in their discography that had to be left off that list. Its too bad only 20 songs can fit in a top 20 list! This Top 15 Underrated Offspring Songs list showcases Offspring songs that were not singles, might need several listens to grow on you, and are deeper in some of the album’s track lists but are absolutely standout tracks. Give them time and they will become some of your favorite Offspring songs. I promise!

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15. “Slim Pickens Does The Right Thing and Rides the Bomb to Hell” (2012)


14. “All Along” (2000)


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13. “Black Ball” (1989)


12. “A Lot Like Me” (2008)


11. “The End of the Line” (1998)


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10. “Amazed” (1997)


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9. “Hypodermic” (1993)


8. “Takes Me Nowhere” (2008)


7. “Conspiracy of One” (2000)


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6. “It’ll Be A Long Time” (1994)


5. “No Hero” (1993)


4. “Hurting As One” (2012)


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3. “Kill the President” (1989)


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2. “Lightning Rod” (2003)



1. “Change the World” (1997)


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5 Comments on “Top 15 Underrated Offspring Songs”

  1. YEEE HAAWWW!! Thass what I’m talkin’ ’bout! Good call on Amazed and The End of the Line, too. I like EotL more than Gone Away, I think.

    Out of curiosity, what do you have against Pay The Man? I gotta ask, ’cause I think it’s awesome: killer guitar intro, killer riff in the 2nd half…. it just rocks. It’s probably the song to which I would point anyone doubting The Offspring’s musical competence. haha They’re out there, man!

  2. Finally someone who gives credit to “it’ll be a long time”. I don’t know why but it’s my favourite offspring song since i first heard smash back in ’96.

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