The Strokes ‘All The Time’ – The Song of the Week for 2/25/2013

Released on February 13, 2013 via RCA Records, “All The Time” is the official lead single for the upcoming 5th studio album Comedown Machine by The Strokes

Genre: Indie Rock, Garage Rock

The Strokes first gave us a taste of the new album when they released “One Way Trigger” which was initially thought to be the lead single off the new album. Soon after “All The Time” was officially released as the album’s lead single. Whew, good choice on that one because “One Way Trigger” is…well, a total departure from anything The Strokes have done and would have been a very risky choice as a lead single. Talk about alienating your core fan base! “All The Time” is classic Strokes; simple, catchy, and radio friendly. What are your thoughts on the new songs and expectations for the new album? Sound off in the comments section below!

“All The Time” is the second Song of the Week for The Strokes. They scored a Song of the Week back on 7/11/2011 for “Taken For A Fool”

“No one talks, about the war
On my block, or by the shore
I’m all alone in a room,
Do you want what I want too?
All the time in the world
Is all that’s necessary”

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    • Agreed! “All The Time” is instantly good and a quintessential Strokes track. “One Way Trigger” had to grow on me. Should be another great album!

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