The Orwells ‘Who Needs You’ – The Song of the Week for 2/9/2015

This song isn’t new – it’s actually a year old! Why is it chosen as a Song of the Week this week then? Well, I guess I can’t believe I didn’t discover this band last year and I am making up for lost time. Because if I found this song last year when it first came out, you better believe it would have been a Song of the Week selection. These guys rock. They probably sound mostly like The Strokes but I hear a smidge of Nirvana in their sound and on certain songs from their 2nd album Disgraceland, I hear some influence from The Doors, especially on the track “Dirty Sheets”. Not sure what direction the band will take on their next album. “Who Needs You” is clearly their best song so do they continue to go down that indie rock path? I think there is a lot of talent here and I can see them potentially going in some different directions. Time will tell.

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