The Neighbourhood ‘Afraid’ – The Song of the Week for 9/23/2013

Released via Columbia Records, “Afraid” is the 3rd single from I Love You, the debut album by The Neighbourhood

Genre: Alternative Rock, Indie Pop

I’m still not sure if The Neighbourhood is going to end up being considered a “one hit wonder” or not. “Afraid” is a solid followup to the massive hit “Sweater Weather” and the rest of the album is really good too! When the album hit a few months ago, in the midst of the build up “Sweater Weather”, I listened to it thinking oh yeah, this band is going to be huge.  They currently have sold out shows across the US and the album is selling well. Let’s see how it goes from here!

Expect “Let It Go” to be the next single, if they decide to release a 4th single.

What are your thoughts on the debut album? Will the band go down as a one hit wonder? Tweet me @MusicTrajectory

“Keep on dreaming, don’t stop breathing, fight those demons
Sell your soul, not your whole self
If they see it when you’re sleeping, make them leave it

And I can’t even see if it’s all there anymore”

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