The Killers “Miss Atomic Bomb” – The Song of the Week for 11/26/2012

Released on October 23, 2012, “Miss Atomic Bomb” is the official 2nd single off the Killer’s 4th studio album Battle Born via Island and Vertigo records.

Genre: Alternative Rock, Heartland Rock, New Wave, Indie Rock

I knew this song was definitely going to be a single but I was surprised to learn that it was chosen as the second single. My thoughts on the video: usually a band opts to go for tour footage for the 4th or 5th or even 6th video from an album, but The Killers used it for their 2nd. Interesting! Sound off in the comments section below – what are your thoughts on “Miss Atomic Bomb” and the new album Battle Born?

This is The Killers’ 3rd Song of the Week nod. Their 1st was for “Cowboy’s Christmas Ball” back on the week of 12/12/2011 and their second was for “Runaways” back on the week of 7/16/2012.

“The dust cloud has settled, and my eyes are clear
But sometimes in dreams of impact I still hear
Miss Atomic Bomb, I’m standing here
Sweat on my skin
And this love that I’ve cradled
Is wearing thin (Miss Atomic Bomb)
But I’m standing here and your too late
Your shock-wave whisper has sealed your fate”

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