The Killers ‘Just Another Girl’ – The Song of the Week for 12/9/2013

Released November 11, 2013 via Island Records, “Just Another Girl” is the 2nd Single from Direct Hits, the greatest hits album by The Killers

Genre: New Wave, Synthpop, Alternative Rock, Indie Rock

As of this writing, The Killers have more Song of the Weeks on this site than any other band since the featured started up in June 2011. They are also an Endorsed Band here on the site. Yes, it’s pretty safe to say The Killers are adored on this site!

When I first heard these two new songs from the greatest hits album, I wasn’t sure what to think. But after several listens of both, they definitely belong on the album as they truly are 2 of the best songs The Killers have ever written. What are your thoughts on the songs? Do you like one over the other? Sound off in the comments section below or tweet me @MusicTrajectory

“All of my friends say I should move on
She’s just another girl, don’t let her stick it to your heart so hard
And all of my friends say it wasn’t meant to be
and it’s a great big world, she’s just another girl”



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