The Darkness ‘Open Fire’ – The Song of the Week for May 11, 2015

Released March 23, 2015  via Canary Dwarf Records, “Open Fire” is the 1st single to be released off of Last of Our Kind, the 4th studio album by The Darkness

What better single that the lead single off an upcoming new album to debut a slightly new sound. Lead singer Justin Hawkins has never sounded like he sounds on the verses in “Open Fire” in any part of any song anywhere in The Darkness’ discography. A welcomed change of pace? You decide. I like it. The intro reminds me of The Cult’s “Fire Woman” (youtube / amazon) or “She Sells Sanctuary” (youtube / amazon).

Have you heard the other song The Darkness has released off of Last of Our Kind? The band released a lyric video for a song called “Barbarian” (youtube / amazon) which I initially thought was going to the be the lead single. According to WikiPedia and some casual searching around the web, “Open Fire” is officially the lead single.

Judging by these two songs, we should be in for a Darkness album that is a bit more experimental but still sounds like the mother F’ing DARKNESS.

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