Tame Impala returns with one of the best songs of the year so far, first single “Let It Happen”

Released March 11, 2015 via Interscope Records, “Let It Happen” is the 1st single off of Currents, the 3rd studio album by Tame Impala

This song has been out for a few months and I have been wanting to feature it but only here in June has the band published the official audio for the song on Youtube. Still no official video for the song but there is a good live video seen below. I think this is one of the best songs of 2015 so far!

This upcoming new album will be Tame Impala’s 3rd studio album. Their last album Lonerism had their breakout hit “Elephant” which you may remember. It was a staple on alternative rock radio for all of 2013 and charted high on many best-of lists, including Music Trajectory’s Top 20 Songs of 2013.

Since releasing “Let It Happen” in March 2015, the band has released three more singles from the new album (which is dropping on July 17th), “Disciples” being the catchy standout and “‘Cause I’m A Man” showcasing their progressive musicianship.

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“All this running around
Trying to cover my shadow
An ocean growing inside
All the others seem shallow
All this running around
Bearing down on my shoulders
I can hear an alarm
Must be a warning”

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