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Top 20 Best AFI Songs – Editors Choice

AFI Crow Banner

I first came across AFI in 1997. They were one of the two opening bands for The Offspring, my favorite band at the time, who were on tour in support of the Ixnay on the Hombre album. I… Read More

Top 15 Underrated AFI Songs

After putting together the Top 20 AFI Songs and Top 20 Best AFI Songs – Editors Choice posts here on Music Trajectory, I felt like something was missing. Most of the songs on these lists are singles and… Read More

Top 15 Widely Unknown AFI Songs


AFI is one of those bands that have a good amount of material out there that was not included on the studio albums that have been released. If you look at their complete discography, AFI has several EPs,… Read More

Top 20 AFI Songs


***List updated November 2013 to incorporate AFI’s newest album release, Burials*** I am psyched to put this list together, as I am a true AFI fan. If you are new to AFI and looking for the best songs… Read More