Song of the Week: New Editors single “Magazine” is a wonderful blend of genres and down right catchy

If you aren’t familiar with the band, they released their debut album back in 2005 which featured the breakout hit “Munich”. Lead single “Papillon” from their 2nd album saw similar success. The band will release their new album Violence on March 9th via PIAS Recordings. The lead single for the album “Magazine” scores Song of the Week honors this week. I think it is a great blend of pop, alternative,  electronic, and new wave. Being a big fan of Ed Rowland from Collective Soul, I hear similarities in this guys voice from Editors – Tom Smith, and I like it!

A glimpse of the #Trajectory5 chosen this week

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“Now talk the loudest with a clenched fist
Top of a hit list, got a witness
It takes a fat lip to run a tight ship
Just talk the loudest with a clenched fist”

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